It’s very quiet out here; on the cold sands of the desert at night. There isn’t much life here, but what life there is, is smart enough to hide itself in burrows or under rocks before the storm arrives. The air is very still. The booming sound on the horizon and the slightly acrid smell of ozone tell you that this storm will be a big one.

Outlandish is a small settlement situated in a very underutilised plane of hell. No-one of any great importance remembers the existence of this place, except for the inhabitants; beings unlucky enough to have been carried here from their home planes. Every now and then, the town is ravaged by gigantic planar storms, that sweep through the area bringing people, items and debris from other planes of existence and dumping them in the sand.

Life here is hard: food is scarce, water is scarce and most of the native inhabitants of the region would enjoy nothing more than to make a nice snack of your face. Over the years the exiles to this place have scavanged materials and built them into the shanty-trading town of Outlandish. You survive by searching the sands around the town for items and supplies that you can trade for essential survival items.


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